What are the best RC cars for beginners?

The term RC car is usually an all-inclusive word for both cars and trucks, but there are some RC cars that are actual cars. RC cars have been in existence for the last 50years.From the first model in the 1960’s to the high powered cars today. Men, women and children from all over the world have had an experience and their fair share of fun driving the RC car. They come in different colors, size, shapes, and types.

Well, there are two types of power source in the RC cars. Well, there are two types of power source in the RC cars. One runs on nitro fuel which the other one runs on battery. Whether to pick a nitro or an electric depends on the user. But the best RC cars for beginners are the electric cars, because they are easier to drive and are cheaper. There are so many RC cars for beginners around the globe, but before you purchase one, here are things you need to note:

  • maintenance
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Purpose

Let’s now look at the best RC cars for beginners, and you can also check out the rcstate article on the topic.

1. Traxxas Slash

Traxxas is a leading brand established back in the 1980’s and they have managed to excel in the market, producing top quality vehicles which look great and drive great. Traxxas is a leader in RC cars that are best for beginners because they are ready to race. This particular car is controlled by a 2.4GHz radio system. Its engine has a modified motor with a waterproof ESC. It has a battery that recharges when plugged in and a four-amp peak to detect DC charger. All electronics in this car are waterproof, and apart from that it has a four-wheel suspension that can handle off-roading tracks. It is durable and fast, great for beginners who want to race around. It is so much fun!

2. Redcat Volcano EPX

This is another RC car that is best for beginners. It has a body that is made from polycarbonate and its shocks are aluminum capped and filled with oil. It has an electric brushed 27T 540 motor, and a four wheel drive to enable it drive on rough terrain. It runs perfectly through the snow, it is fast and durable. It has a forward and a reverse drive capability, steers with the radio controller.

3.Team Associated SC10 RS RTR Lucas oil

This RC car is a professional grade best for beginners because of its brushless speed control. It has a ready 3300KV brushless motor and an ultra-plug battery connector for the car. There is a receiver box on the truck which is water resistant. This car is fully assembled for beginners and ready to race. Besides that it has a large body excellent speed, and drives around smoothly.

It is important to know that if you’re a beginner starting out in the hobby, there are a number of factors to consider. One of the primary and most important factors is the power source. Majority of the RC cars come as either electric or nitro powered. Picking on a nitro RC car or an electric RC car largely depends on the user preference and what you will use the car for. Nitro cars are meant for advanced users and are more thrilling to drive, can ride for longer and of course there’s no battery to be charged. They are more like real cars and need regular maintenance like real cars.

On the other hand, electric cars are easier to maintain, easier to drive and also cheaper. They don’t need regular maintenance like nitro RC car does. Electric cars are great for beginners; you just take them out of the box, plug in the battery and start driving. This makes it easy to use by those who are just beginning.

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