Emergency Preparedness for Children

After the severe natural disasters that had happened over the past years, it’s becoming more and more important now to teach kids about them. If they didnt see those hazards on TV, the likelihood that they’ll see it or hear it elsewhere is very high. Moreover, since kids react in so many different ways, it is essential for parents to make their children feel they’re safe and explain to them those matters clearly. Your kids are probably tougher than you give them credit for. By talking to them about emergency situations, you can make them even more resilient. Unfortunately, natural disasters are here to stay, but we can prevent our children from panicking. Tell your kids about these 4 emergencies before they happen so they can understand the situation and recover from trauma sooner.

Tell Your Kids About Home Robberies

According to the FBI, there are about 2.2 million robberies in the United States last year. That equals one robbery every 15 seconds. Chances are pretty good that one day a burglar will break into your home.

Prepare your kids by explaining that most burglars only break in when no one is home. The thieves dont want to encounter any disruptions or problems. They just want to grab a few valuable items and run away as quickly as possible.

If your children want to know how you can protect them, give them the details of your home security system and other home protection strategies.

Make a Plan for House Fires

Between 2006 and 2010, fire fighters in the U.S. responded to nearly 372,000 house fires. Thats significantly lower than the number of robberies, but its also more likely that someone will get hurt during a fire than a robbery. That makes it important for you to tell your kids how to avoid house fires and what to do when they sense trouble.

Your familys plan should include:

  • How to check for signs of a fire
  • How to crawl under smoke to get out of the house
  • Where to meet once you have escaped the fire

You can also talk to your local fire department for tips.

Explain the Likelihood of Earthquakes

If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then you should make sure your children understand how earthquakes happen. Taking a scientific approach gives you an opportunity to teach your children about the world while reducing unknown factors that could scare them during a tremble.

You also need to make sure your children know what to do when an earthquake happens. This could give them a sense of control so that makes them less fearful. Plus, it will teach them what to do so they dont get injured during the quake.

Help Your Children Understand Tornadoes

Emergency Preparedness for ChildrenEmergency Preparedness for Children

Tornadoes not only cause a lot of damage, they make a lot of noise in the process. That can scare anyone, no matter how prepared he is. Knowing more about tornadoes could help your children feel safer and take more control when they hear or see a tornado approach.

Teach your children to understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. It your area has a tornado watch, then conditions are suitable for tornadoes to develop, but none have been spotted.

If your area has a tornado warning, then a tornado has been spotted and your family should take the warning seriously.

What other emergency situations should children know about before they happen? Do you think teaching kids about these emergencies empowers them or gives them more to worry about?

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